Effects of Shyness on the Adjustment of High School Children

Article Title: Effects of Shyness on the Adjustment of High School Children

Author: Muazzama Abidi, and Ifrah Shahzad,

Institute: National Institute of Psychology, Quid-i-Azam University

Journal: Bahria Journal of Professional Psychology, January 2012, Vol-11, 1, 4 -18


The present study explores the effects of shyness on the adjustment of high school children. The findings of the study can be applied in educational settings. It can be support for teachers to understand the phenomenon among students which create adjustment problems. For this purpose, two scales were used i.e., Shyness Questionnaire (Yasmeen, 2005) for measuring Shyness level and Bell Adjustment Inventory (Bell, 1934) for measuring different types of adjustment. Shyness questionnaire was in Urdu whereas Bell Adjustment Inventory was in English and both had highly satisfactory reliability. There were 150 school children and the age range was 13-15years. There were 75 girls and 75 boys in the present study. The main hypothesis of the present study was that shyness has no differential effect on home and health adjustment but there was significance linear increase in social and emotional adjustment. Results also support this hypothesis that shyness has no effects on home and health adjustment but effects social and emotional adjustment of school children. Other hypothesis proved that girls are shyer as compared to boys and nuclear family children are shyer as compared to extended family system children.

KeyWords: Shyness, adjustment, nuclear and extended families

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