Domestic Violence: Causes, Effects and Coping Mechanisms in Pakistani Women

Author: Samra Zubair Lodhi

Supervisor: Dr. Nosheen K. Rahman

Degree: M.Phil

Year: 2003-2005

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research focused on studying the causes, effects and coping of domestic violence in Pakistani female. To explore this phenomena data was collected from both victim females of domestic violence and non-victim females to get information about their perception related to this domestic violence, so that perceptions of victims and non-victims can be compared and contrasted. The research was divided into two phases. In phase I, 15 females with an age range of 18 years and above were selected from shelter homes of Data Gunj Bakhsh Town Lahore through Purposive sampling. In depth interviews were conducted to get information from the female victim about the causes, effects and coping of domestic violence in Pakistani female. In phase II, door-to-door survey was conducted with 100 females (age= 18 and above) of general population of Data Gunj Bakhsh Town Lahore. The instruments used in this research were in depth interview and survey questionnaire which were developed through review of researches conducted on domestic violence. Constructivist paradigm was used in which concept of domestic violence was built during the process of research. Content analysis was used to analyze the data. The primary themes deducted from in depth interviews of victims were mistrust, role of husband, addiction, suicide and religion. While survey from non-victims indicated a number of variables e.g., role of husbands and in-laws, mistrust of males on females, poverty, illiteracy, lack of dowry as precipitating factors of domestic violence. The effect of domestic violence was found to be revenge, feelings of insecurity, loss of interest in life and inferiority complex, negativity and suicidal thoughts in females. While reviewing the results it was found that some commonalities as well as some differences also exist in the perception of female victims and non-victims about the causes, effects and coping of domestic violence.

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Female Victims, Coping Mechanisms.

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