Bridging The Gap Between Neurology And Psychiatry

Article Title:

Bridging The Gap Between Neurology And Psychiatry


Dr. Mowadat H. Rana, Dr. Muhammad Wasay


Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society
2014, Vol.11, No. 1, p. 8-9


Philosophers have argued for and against the dualist approach that separates mind from matter right from the times of Aristotle, Avicenna and then Descartes. The Monists, led by French thinkers, attempted to explain the workings of the mind on laws of physics and the theory of structuralism. Wilhelm Wundt, and his student Edward Titchener, in the 19th and 20th centuries laid foundations of experimental psychology and attempted to study processes of mind through the use of scientific methods. This highlights the ongoing need amongst students of human behavior to bridge the gap between mind represented by psychiatry and psychology and matter represented by brain. These theoretical underpinnings also form the basis of the existing gulf that separates practitioners of mind related behavior patterns, the psychiatrists, and those who focus on diseases affecting the nervous system represented by neurologists.

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