Stressful Life Events, Depression and Coping Strategies

Maha Azhar (Clinical Counsellor, Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of the Management and Technology, Lahore), Sadia Saleem (University of Management and Technology, Lahore), Zahid Mahmood (Professor, Director Clinical Services, Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Management and Technology, Lahore)

Certain perceived parental rearing styles have considerably been linked to mental health problems. The association is yet to be made in terms of its predicting along with an individual’s abilities of distress tolerance. Following the correlational research design, 300 university students, age range of 16 – 25 years (M=20.05, SD=1.75) using purposive sampling strategy was recruited and given a demographic questionnaire, Egna Minnen Betraffande Uppfostran (EMBU-A) Distress Tolerance Scale and Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-Short Form (DASS 21SF). Hierarchical Regression analysis indicated that experiencing high maternal rejection and high maternal over-protection along with having low distress tolerance level predicts more mental health problems in undergraduates of Pakistan. We have further implied the results in the context of collectivist culture which has provided valuable insight for counselling interventions in university setting for future stakeholders of community.

Keywords: Anxiety, depression, distress tolerance, over-protection, rejection, stress

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