Why Do Pakistani Women Kill?

Article Title: Why Do Pakistani Women Kill?

Author(s): Saba Walayat, S. Salma Hasan & M. Asir Ajmal

Institute(s): GC University, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2013, Vol. 11, No.1, 22-28

Correspondence Address: Saba Walayt, M.Phil Student, GC University, Lahore.Email:sabawalayatkhan@gmail.com


The present study was conducted to investigate the indigenous perspective of Pakistani women killers. Qualitative study based on focus group discussion, was conducted with the experts in the area of forensic psychology to have their opinion on the issue under consideration. Data gathered through this interactive group session was recorded and transcribed to derive the important themes. Grounded theory was used to assign codes and develop categories of the data. The major themes emerged from the data were psycho-social causes ,women bondage with the victim ,demoralization of society ,men as victim ,dealing with crime scene ,women disposition in crime ,portrayal of women as victim and modus operandi. This study has wider implications for the forensic psychologists, women killers and significant others to develop an insight that how a victim becomes a killer.

Keywords: indigenous, women killers, psychosocial perspective, themes.

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