The Process of Values Clarification, Formation and Inculcation

Article Title: The Process of Values Clarification, Formation and Inculcation

Author(s): Alwin V. Murad

Institute(s): Department of Philosophy and IDS, GC University, Lahore.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2014, Vol. 12, No.2, 53-52

Correspondence Address: Dr. Alwin Murad, Department of Philosophy and IDC, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan; e-mail:


This paper attempts to shed some light on the process of values clarification. This is an educational philosophy founded on humanity. It shows that the best values are chosen when persons choose their own values by using their intellect freely. This helps persons to define their relationships with each other and with the world. This article has shown how a person goes through different stages of becoming aware about values and how the children go through different stages of consciousness in order to adopt various values. The process of awareness is founded on universal human needs: affection, respect, skill, enlightenment, influence or power, wealth, well-being, and responsibility (or rectitude). All human wants and needs are contained within one or more of these eight values categories. The paper has explored the different stages and ways in which these needs can be achieved with corresponding values.

Keywords: value clarification, formation, inculcation, eight values

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