Recent Trends In Suicide Attacks

Article Title: Recent Trends In Suicide Attacks

Author(s): Akhtar Ali Syed

Institute(s): Brothers of Charity Services Waterford, Republic of Ireland

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2010. Vol. 8, No.2, 73 – 90

Correspondence Address: Akhtar Ali Syed, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Brothers of Charity. Services, Waterford, Ireland, Email:,uk


Suicide attack happened in many countries in the last decade. However, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Sri Lanka and Pakistan arc the most infamous regions for having Frequent suicide attacks. This gory phenomenon is wrapped in massive controversies. From definition to the reasons behind them, everything is an enigma to unravel. Mainstream media and ideologies supporting and rejecting the motives of suicide attackers have left little room for objective analysis. This papers attempts to delineate the motives behind the suicide attacks by differentiating the prevailing socio-political situations in the different regions, specifically Pakistan. After looking at the number of attacks in different regions, internal dynamics, political and religious beliefs of the groups responsible for carrying out such attacks, this paper concludes that frequent attacks are being carried out in the regions which are occupied by foreign forces, the regions which have a movement for independence and the regions which wanted to separate from some other countries, In addition, the paper also addresses the issue of how suicide attacks and attackers are different in Pakistan from rest of the regions. The differences and their causes are discussed.

Keyword: suicide attacks, organizations, religious beliefs, foreign forces

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