Left-handed People in a Right-handed World: A Phenomenological Study

Article Title: Left-handed People in a Right-handed World: A Phenomenological Study

Author(s): Yusra Masud and M. Asir Ajmal

Institute(s): Government College University, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2012, Vol. 10, No. 1, 49-60

Correspondence Address: Yusra Masud, Government College University, Lahore. Email: yusramasud@hotmail.com


The purpose of this research was to explore the experiences of left-handed adults. Four semi-structured interviews were conducted with left-handed adults (2 men and 2 women) about their experiences. After transcribing the data, interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA), which is a qualitative approach, was utilized to analyze the data. The analysis highlighted some major themes which were organized to make a model of life experiences of left-handers. The highlighted themes included Left-handers‟ Development: Interplay of Heredity Basis and Environmental Influences, Suppression of Left-hand, Support and Consideration, Feeling It Is Okay, Left-handers as Being Particular, Physical and Psychological Health Challenges, Agonized Life, Struggle for Maintaining Identity and Transforming Attitude, Attitudinal Barriers to Equality and Acceptance. Implications of the research for parents, teachers, and psychologists are discussed.

Keywords: Left-handedness, suppression, discrimination, IPA

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