Construction of Effective Teaching Evaluation Scale and Students’ Perception of the Characteristics of Effective Teachers

Article Title: Construction of Effective Teaching Evaluation Scale and Students’ Perception of the Characteristics of Effective Teachers

Author(s): Syeda Shahida Batool, Bushra Naz, Shazia Habib, Wahida Anjum, Fatima Goraya, Mariyam Akram, Ayesha Khalid, & Anila Sadaf

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, GC University Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2015, Vol. 13, No.1, 28-35

Correspondence Address: Syeda Shahida Batool, Department of Psychology, GC University Lahore, Pakistan; e-mail:


Effective teaching is a paradigm shift in developing countries. By keeping in view this modern approach, the present study was designed to construct a scale for the assessment of effective teaching methods. The qualities of teachers which make their teaching effective were also explored in the study. In the preliminary phase of study, an indigenous effective teaching evaluation scale was constructed. The factorial validity of 10 item scale was determined on a sample of 202 undergraduate and post graduate students. Principle component analysis with varimax rotation method yielded a uni-factor solution, which collectively accounted for 55% of the variance. In the second phase, the indigenously developed scale was used to compare lecture method and eclectic method on a sample of 100 under-graduate and MPhil students of Psychology. Results of t-test indicated that students rated eclectic method as significantly more effective than lecture method. In the third phase, a qualitative study was conducted on the same sample of 100 students to explore their perspective on the qualities of an effective teacher. The content analysis revealed four favorable categories: graciousness, well prepared and disciplined, collaborative, and charismatic. Conversely the qualities of a teacher that emerged to make teaching ineffective were: favoritism, aggressiveness/ humiliation, and non-professional approach. Students reckoned positive qualities of a teacher and harmonious mutual relationship between teacher and student in making teaching effective. It has been concluded that teaching method should not be a sole criterion for measuring effective teaching. Teachers should also improve their personal qualities to make their teaching effective.

Key words: effective teaching, effective teachers, lecture method, eclectic method, content analysis.

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