Abstracts Of Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Article Title: Abstracts Of Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Author(S): Dr. Javaid Akhtar

Institute(s): Department of Psychiatry, Bannu Medical College, Bannu.

Journal: Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society, 2009, Vol. 6, No.1, p. 33-35

Correspondence Address: Javaiddr2002@yahoo.com

Bipolar affective disorder is a severe mental illness characterized by frequent relapses and switchover. As a result compliance and prevention of recurrence becomes a major issue in the long-term management of this disabling psychiatric illness. One option for preventing relapses in this condition is the psycho education aimed at enabling the patients and the family members to detect early warning signs of relapse (EWS).

In this systematic review, effectiveness of EWS detection as compared to the routine care has been explored. The analysis shows beneficial effects of early warning signs regarding time to recurrence, percentage of hospitalization and level of functioning. However only six randomized control trials could be included in the review. Moreover in these studies EWS signs were used along with other psychological treatments, so confounding factors cannot be ruled out.

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